Carters - First Family

The former first lady, who died Sunday, helped propel her husband Jimmy Carter from rural Georgia to the White House. She became the most politically active first lady after Eleanor Roosevelt. Now her husband, 99, faces life alone. He has been in hospice care for a few months, while his wife entered hospice care Friday.

Across the country, Republicans and Democrats praised the late first lady for her groundbreaking mental health advocacy and humanitarian work.

“When our family was in the White House, every so often, Rosalynn would join me for lunch, offering a few words of advice and always — always — a helping hand,” former First Lady Michelle Obama said in a statement. “She reminded me to make the role of first lady my own, just like she did. I’ll always remain grateful for her support and her generosity.”

Former President Donald Trump noted, “Over a life spanning nearly a century, Rosalynn Carter earned the admiration and gratitude of our entire nation.”

Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a joint statement, “Rosalynn will be forever remembered as the embodiment of a life lived with purpose.”